Never Fear Your Femininity

Do you fear being feminine?

Do you like to be called “pretty” or “beautiful,” or most importantly, “Sexy?” Yet, you feel most comfortable in jeans, a t-shirt, sweats, and getting along with the guys.

Tom-boy one day and sex kitten the next.

Women are the most complex creatures. We have all this love and emotion that comes with this glorious package. We have delicate features, beautiful curves, and an air about us that perhaps suggests one thing, while having a mind that is focused, driven, and brilliant that feels caged.

We want to be smart. We want to be loving. We want to succeed in this world - in this “Man’s” world.

So we morph ourselves to find our way in this testosterone filled space. And we start to lose our identity. Are we intelligent and witty and able to talk sports? Wearing our jeans, drinking a beer, and being chill around the crew. Or, do we put forward the attributes that catches a man’s attention, makes us “likeable,” and mesmerizes them so we are accepted into the club?

OR are we both?

And which one is actually YOU?

Have you ever slept with a man to feel worthy?

Have you ever played a seductive and sultry role just to please the part of you who needed to feel beautiful and desired?

Have you used your body to empower yourself to reveal your brilliant mind?


It fucks with your head.


Femininity is then a tool. Not something that is sacred. Not something that is a birthright.

A tool.

A pawn.

A token.

A card you play to win the pot or to lose it all.

Why are we scared to embrace our fierce feminine magic?

Because we don’t know if it’s safe.

We don’t trust it.









These are the words that haunt you. They sting. They induce apprehension.

Either way, you can’t win.

You fear you are seen as either a harlot or as a threat.


Let go of this thinking!

Let people see what they fear most in themselves.

Let people be wrong about your truth.


Don’t hide my lovely.
Don’t shrink away to appease your fear.
Don’t lose yourself in the waves of approval.

You are powerful, fierce feminine magic.
You are worthy of your space in the world.
You are a woman.
Be YOUR truth.




 Photo by Michael Dam on Unsplash




Selena is a public speaker and motivational coach living in Oregon. She hopes you're taking a little time to take care of yourself today, and wants to help you do it with the Love YOU More Project. To find out more about it and her awesome life philosophies, go here.