How (Not) to Give Your Toddler Medicine in 20 Easy Steps

1. Fill dosing syringe to the appropriate level as indicated by a medical professional.

2. Tell your toddler it’s time to take medicine.

3. Acknowledge your toddler’s polite “no, thank you”. Good job on those manners, mama!

4. Tell your toddler again that it’s time to take medicine.

5. Chase your toddler down the hall.

6. Catch your toddler and place him or her in a convenient spot or chair.

7. Approach toddler with dosing syringe.

8. Catch your breath, you just got kicked in the stomach.

9. Take a break to enroll your toddler in karate and soccer, because whoa. 

10. Enlist help.

11. With help, pin down your toddler.

12. Approach your trapped toddler with medicine.

13. Congratulations! Your toddler has leveled up! You now have a screaming demon!

14. Catch the screaming demon again, because it somehow escaped.

15. Approach with the syringe.

16. Wait, gotta hold the head still.

17. Open the screaming demon’s mouth (you figure out how, I can’t just hand you everything). 

18. Squirt medicine directly into screaming mouth hole.

19. Experience your own personal Carrie moment as you find yourself covered in bubblegum flavored medicine and baby saliva.

20. Cry. You lose.












Photo Courtesy of Caleb Woods via Stocksnap