Mundane (Single) Motherhood

It’s been one of those weeks and I’m only in the middle of the week! You know the kind - where each day is progressively worse than the day before and by the time you reach the end of the week, your life has erupted like a volcano. Oh, and lets not forget the horrendous PMS that I and those who encounter me are forced to suffer through for at least two weeks out of every month. Yea…

I’m trying to keep up with the house. I’ve been going room by room decluttering, and you know what kind of mess that can create. The amount of toys is out.of.control. You know it’s bad when the kids ask if we can get rid of stuff. I’m slowly buying storage so everything has a place. I don’t want or need my house to look like a museum. We live here and I really enjoy the look and feel of a lived in home, but we’re currently rocking the just moved in look.

Then there’s the routine stuff: church, homeschooling, bi-weekly allergy shots and speech therapy. Trying to make sure I post to all my social media networks consistently (I don’t). Being intentional about being fully present with my kids instead of just being in the same room as them.

Some days I open my email, scan it, close it and walk away. I have hoped and prayed for some of the opportunities coming my way, but I wasn’t expecting them to come all at once! I’m working hard to manage my time better. I’ve never been a morning person, but if I want time to myself and time to get things done, waking hours before my kids six days of the week is a must. I try to sleep in on Saturday. Staying up after they go to bed isn’t wise, but I am naturally a night owl.

That’s why I’m sitting here on my couch, kids in bed, cats at my feet, lights dim and my 5Below fuchsia blanket draped across my lap, already thinking about my morning cup of coffee as I type away.

I’m in the process of moving my blog to another platform and that has been a very exhausting and frustrating experience. My blog is my other baby and I’m looking forward to having a fresh writing space. I’ve started picking up my big camera again. I’m all about documenting and enjoying the ordinary moments that make up our days, and that has left me feeling oh so good. So excited to see some of these pics on the new blog.

We’ve all been anxiously waiting for warmer weather and it showed up in full force a few weeks ago. Seems we skipped right over spring and went straight to summer. We’re enjoying it for the most part. There are certain times throughout the year where I feel our life is more chaotic than others, and summer is definitely one of them.

I don’t think we’ll make it another summer without a/c in the car. My plan is to have it fixed by the end of May, but you know how plans go. Seriously though, it’s been near 90 for the last two weeks and with all of us having asthma and seasonal allergies, air conditioning is a necessity.

Even though I’m feeling overwhelmed, summer is off to a great start. I was able to purchase season passes to our local amusement park this year and we’ve already been several times. There’s nothing like seeing how happy this investment has made my kids.

My son pulls everything he wants to ride up on YouTube first. He says it helps him decide if he’ll like the roller coaster. It’s been working for him so far because he’s gotten on rides I never would’ve at his age. I do enjoy getting on the rides with them.

I have two May babies and we didn’t do a birthday party this year, so that has helped lighten my load a little. I gave them money instead and that has worked out well. Church camp is right around the corner in the middle of June. This will be my girls’ third year going, and they are counting down the days. My youngest daughter goes one week and her older sister the next. My son could’ve gone this year, but I didn’t find out until the last minute, so it wasn’t in the budget, plus I feel he’s still too young; he just turned eight!

The biggest thing with him is his life-threatening food allergies. There are 3-4 things on that camp ground he could possibly eat. Tortilla chips, giant soft pretzels, juice and water.
I’m brainstorming ideas with my pastor’s wife for next year since the original plan was for him to go when he turned nine. It will most likely involve me preparing his food and staying on the grounds with him.

We are taking our first vacation in three years this summer! I cannot wait to make that 10hr drive and sit on the beach, toes in the sand, kids laughing and splashing while we visit with my parents and brother.

Yes, I put the beach before my family, and they are completely ok with that.

I have a thing for sunsets, and sunsets over the ocean are on another level... BUT I have challenged myself to wake up and watch/photograph the sunrise over the beach at least once during vacation.

I’ll also have a girls’ night out with friends I haven’t seen in years. I can honestly say that I’ve earned and deserve this vacation. It’s going to be all kinds of amazing.


Darcel White is a single mother of three. She talks more about her adventures in life on her blog, The Mahogany Way. You can find out more here.