An Ode to a Teenager

An Ode to a Teenager
By Cathy Baillargeon

Some may say you’re challenging in ways
You won’t understand ‘til you’re grown.
Some may think you won’t ever mature
Based on the friends that you have
And by the seeds that you’ve sown--
But your field doesn’t look too bad.

Still others may come to surely expect
That you kids won’t follow the rules.
Using sheer will, you’ll twist and bend
And shatter the guidelines set.
Independence is a tool;
You’re ready to use it, I bet.

Mothers can’t seem to let your hands go
And fathers pretend that they’re fine
With the thought of you auditioning
For the role of Adult in Life.
You will be an adult, in time.
Where this job can cut like a knife.

Misunderstood is what you may feel
That this world doesn’t get or accept
But we know this, and you, so very well
That our heart is breaking in two
For all of the moments we’ve kept;
For the life we’ve been given with you.

To all of the teenagers in our lives
We parents are rooting for you.
You may find yourself in the same shoes
Watching your child’s years go by--
Remembering how you led us through
The time you learned how to fly.






Cathy Baillargeon is a mother of two teenagers and an associate consultant with Salsbury & Co, a business management consulting firm in Vancouver, WA. In her downtime, she loves reading, working on her farm and spending time with the kids, her husband of 14 years, and their four spoiled dogs.