Submissions & Contact

Hey there! We’re super excited that you’d like to submit your work to us, and we’d love to have you. Below, are guidelines for what we’re looking for, and some FAQ’s to help you, and we ask that you read and follow these before sending in any submissions:


  1. All submissions must be sent as a Google Doc or Word document attached to If you have a default email program installed, you can click the link to automatically start an email to us. Any submissions copied and pasted into the contact form will automatically be rejected.

  2. Submissions should be anywhere from 700-1400 words, and should focus on real truths about motherhood that you feel no one really talks about. While these can be written as sweet and motivational, we are in the need of more comedic pieces at the moment, so those will take priority.

  3. Each submission will be cursorily edited and reviewed, but overall, we ask that you make sure your piece is cogent, grammatically correct, and uses correct spelling. After your piece has been published, no corrections will be made that aren’t factual inaccuracies.

  4. At the end of your piece, please include a short biographical blurb about yourself, complete with any websites or social media you’d like people to check you out at. If you have any accounts you would like tagged on social media when you share your piece, please indicate that in your submission.


  1. I submitted my piece yesterday and haven’t heard anything back. What gives?

    We really appreciate that you’re excited — we are, too — but we’re going to need a liiiiittle longer than that. On average, you’ll hear from us anywhere from a week to two weeks from when you submit, whether your piece is accepted or not.

  2. Is this a paid gig?

    At the moment, no. NYAM strives to be a platform for real mothers to tell their personal stories. We plan on adding compensation in the years to come, and trust us, you’ll hear about it (insert cheeky wink here).

  3. My piece was denied. Why? What now?

    Well, there are a few reasons why your piece wasn’t accepted, and we’re usually pretty good at explaining why that might be. The most popular reasons are:

    - Submission rules weren’t followed

    - Your piece was off-topic

    - More than a few typos

    - A piece was already written about the subject you chose

    Whatever the reason, we encourage you to try again if you feel up to tweaking and resending your piece. And if you don’t, we’re thankful you wanted to work with us in the first place!

  4. My piece was accepted! What now?

    You’ll hear from us regarding what day your piece will be posted. On that day, we’ll share your piece to this website, Facebook, and Instagram (Pinterest coming soon!) Your pieces will be tagged with your name, and you’re encouraged to share the piece you’ve written far and wide to whomever you like! We’ll also alert our newsletter subscribers to your article, to make sure that anyone who may have missed it will see it.

  5. I’m not really wanting to write. I’m actually interested in an interview/have a question/want to tell you how horribly cool you are.

    That’s great! You can fill out the contact form below with whatever you’d like to know, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. If you’re wanting to be one of our spotlight interviews, please keep your message brief, under 500 words, telling us what your story is. We look forward to hearing from you!

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