Born and raised in Austin, Lindsey grew up with a true appreciation for all of the special moments life has to offer. 

In her own words, she took a "jack of all trades, master of none" approach to her interests, and moved to pursue them without hesitation. Motivated by her own curiosity and excitement for learning, Lindsey studied a plethora of instruments, including the saxophone and the ukulele. Her other main love, sports, received ample attention with her playing on three to four teams simultaneously at times. She always harbored a love for new and unexplored things, and found satisfaction in understanding them well, if not perfectly. 

Children were not a priority, because they were a far away idea. Instead, travel and friends and relationships were on the front burner. Understand, Lindsey lived in a city of possibilities, and she planned to experience as many of them as she could.



When we first spoke about this project, Lindsey was excited, but hesitant. 

"I'm boring." She said. "I'm not particularly exciting, but I'll help however I can."

In that moment, she reminded me of so many different mothers I've spoken with, women who have so many interesting things to say who don't see it in themselves. Or rather they do, but these things aren't seen as worthy because they're "little" things. It's the "little" things, though, that make our bigger picture worth looking at. 

Lindsey, for example, is incredibly smart. She's driven, focused, well-spoken, and talented. She is able to learn just about anything she chooses. She was in a ska band that played concerts and cut an album. She's a budding photographer who takes photos of her son often. When she speaks, there's a self-assuredness and a confidence in her tone that couldn't have come easy -- she knows who she is, and she's thrilled with that. Motherhood hasn't changed this about her; rather, it's strengthened it. The only thing that has changed is beautifully summarized here in her own words: 

" I've had a lot of interests/hobbies over the years, and for whatever reason (major ADD, short attention span, etc etc) I tend to get really excited about them, immerse myself in it and then move onto something else. I'm average or slightly above at a lot of things, but not excellent at any...Anyway, all that is to say is that what I would want people to know... is that I want motherhood to be my mastery. That it's the one thing I'll excel in. I never expected that to be the case since having kids was never a "must have" for me, but now that I'm here I can't imagine it any other way."

We should all want to be so "boring." 

Own what makes you a story worth telling.