In a word, Tracey was fearless. 

She surged through life with a fire and a focus that consumed anything she pleased, and she loved it. This same focus worked to her advantage both in conquering law school and in partying epically, oftentimes in rapid succession. Most challenges were treated like minor inconveniences, and were overcome, not because she felt she had to, but because in her mind there was no other option. 

Tracey always enjoyed commanding a room. She partied and performed at Austin clubs. She had the sort of weekends that usually birthed stories of the "wild and crazy" variety -- never boring, always involving someone getting drunk and pulling some whacked out stunt -- and they often end with her laughing and shaking her head as if she still can't believe her own brashness. She often did what she pleased, and dared to face whatever consequences came her way.

The world, you see, was hers to burn.


I really got to know Tracey as a wife and a mother of twins. In our circle of friends, she's known as "The Nice One," and this sometimes seems to confuse her a little. 

In most cases, Tracey is the nice one: She tries to include everyone she can; she's happy when her friends are happy; and she often seems hesitant to anger other people. In the face of two screaming babies, she exudes nothing but calm and gentle words where anyone else would probably completely lose their temper. 


There are little moments I've witnessed wherein someone has insulted someone Tracey loves or have said something she truly disagrees with. In these moments, she isn't afraid to rock the boat. In these moments, it becomes apparent that the flame isn't dormant so much as its energy has been reallocated.

The more you get to know her, the more it becomes evident that a rebel heart still beats; in fact, it just beats more surely. That fire and that focus are still there, but she uses it to protect and elevate her children. And maybe to cause a little trouble here and there once in a while, but what people don't know won't hurt 'em. 

She will never be what people assume, and honestly? That's the point. 


Arianna BradfordComment